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2022 Speakers

Domenick Allen


Alexandra Bastian

Senior Information Security Risk Analyst, Bremer

Aynura Berdyyeva

Cyber Summit Coordinator, Cyber Security Summit

Gretchen Block

CISO, SVP, United Health Care, Optum

Chris Boehm

Technology Strategist, SentinelOne

Stefan Boehme

Medical Device Security Specialist, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Andrew Bomett

VP, CISO, Boston Scientific

Andrew Borene

Associate Vice President for Research, National Intelligence University

Sherwin Bothello

Cyber Summit Coordinator/Product Security Engineer II, Security Summit/Medtronic

Nancy Brainerd

Senior Director, Deputy CISO, Medtronic

Debra Bruemmer

Senior Manager, Mayo Clinic

Chris Buse

CISO, Old Republic Title

Nathan Caldwell

Managed Awareness Evangelist, Arctic Wolf

Cindi Carter

Global CISO, Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

Cody Chamberlain

Head of Product, NetSPI

Craig Cocciola

VP Cyber Range Operations, ABL Cyber Range and Academy

E.J. Daigle

Dean of Robotics & Manufacturing, Dunwoody College of Technology

Kumar Dasani

VP, CISO, Digital River

Eli Davis

Information Security Engineer, Vista Outdoor Inc.

Mary Diner

Information Security Director, Optum

Dave Dobrotka

Senior Director, Cyber Defense, United Health Group

Tonia Dudley

VP, CISO, Cofense

Rebecca Duvick

Business Development Manager, PCs for People

Betty Elliott

Senior VP, CISO, Freddie Mac

Sarah Engstrom

CISO, VP IT Security, Productivity & Privacy, CHS Inc.

Michael Fey

Co-Founder, CEO, Island.io

Ivan Fong

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Medtronic

Brian Freedman

Global Solutions Engineering Manager, QOMPLX

Chris Gabbard

Cyber Security Advisor – Region V, Office of Cybersecurity & Communications, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Jessa Gegax

Information Security Testing Analyst, Surescripts

Mandie Grosskopf

Senior Consultant, Security Risk Advisors

Todd Hartman

Executive Vice President, Best Buy

Judy Hatchett

VP, CISO, Surescripts

Kristin Hines

AVP, Loss Prevention Services Manager, Bremer Bank

Naomi Hospodarsky

Security & Compliance Analyst, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute

Yolanda Hunte

Executive Assistant, Wipro

Jarrod Hutchinson

Business Solutions Market Leader, Bremer Bank

Laura Johnson

Enterprise Endpoint Manager, Minnesota IT Services

Michelle Jump

Chief Regulatory Strategist, MedSec Security Services

Eran Kahana

Cybersecurity, AI and IP Attorney, Maslon LLP

Brenda Kane

Recruiter, FBI

Stephanie Kasten

Senior IT Manager, Third Party and Compliance Risk Management, Medtronic

Mike Kearn

VP, Business Information Security Officer, U.S. Bank

Zinet Kemal

Associate Cloud Security Engineer, Best Buy

Brian Kenyon

Chief Strategy Officer, Island.io

Muhammad Khokhar

CISA, Bremer Bank

Lindsey Konerza

Security Engineer, University of Minnesota

Devan Koss

Director of Information Security GRC, Sleep Number

Melissa Krasnow

Partner, VLP Law Group

Chip Laingen

Executive Director, Defense Alliance

Judd Larson

Medical Device Security, Medtronic

Derek Loomis

Subject Matter Expert, Axonius

Alyssa Maki

IT/InfoSec Analyst, Kimley-Horn and Associates

Eileen Manning

CEO, The Event Group / Cyber Security Summit

Rob Marti

Managing Director, Edgile

Aimee Martin

Director, Information Security, Compliance and PMO, Vista Outdoor Inc.

Joseph Mathias

Cyber Summit Coordinator, Cyber Security Summit

Karl Mattson

CISO, Noname Security

Dalin McClellan

Senior Security Consultant, NetSPI

Will McCloskey

Threat Management Manager, Surescripts

Brian McDonald

District Director, SBA

Julie McFadden

Director of Computer Technology Problems, Dunwoody College of Technology

Wendy Meadley

CEO, Next Phase Studio

Tina Meeker

Sr. Director of Information Security, Sleep Number

Glenn Merrell

Owner & Freelance Consultant, Industrial Control System Security

Lucia Milicǎ

Resident CISO, Proofpoint

Jannell Mohn


Jerrod Montoya

Principal, Truvantis

Susan Morris

SVP, Co-Owner, ABL Cyber Academy and Cyber Range

Nitin Natarajan

Deputy Director, CISA

Laurie Naughton

Sr. Technology Auditor, Target

Jeffrey Norem

Deputy CISO, Freddie Mac

David Notch

CISO, Castlelake L.P.

Josh Oldham

Senior Engineering Manager - Datacenter Infrastructure and Identity Engineering, Sleep Number

Jeffrey Peal III

Information Security Officer, Clinician Nexus

Colleen Peña

Cyber Special Agent, FBI

Brandon Potter

Chief Technology Officer, ProCircular

Joel Quam

Commercial Insurance Advisor, Bremer Bank

Milinda Rambel Stone

VP, CISO, Bremer Bank

William Rankin

Director of Governance and Compliance, ECS

Tissa Richards

Executive Coach, Tissa Richards

Andre Ristaino

Managing Director, ISA

Nadia Rizk

Director of Technology Audit & Data Analytics, Target Corporation

Ross Rosenzeig

Sr. Director of Engineering, BlackBerry

Sujatha Sadasivuni

Partner, Account Delivery Head, Wipro

Thomas Sager

Associate Cybersecurity Engineer, Center for Internet Security

Tony Sager

SVP & Chief Evangelist, Center for Internet Security

Prasenjit Saha

Executive Vice President and Global Cyber Security Business Head, L&T Infotech

Becky Sandberg

Director, Edgile

Beth Sanner

Deputy Director of National Intelligence

Mercy Schroeder

Director, Business Development, Edgile

Terry Seiple

Senior Information Security and Cloud Architect, State of Minnesota

Natascha Shawver

Information Security Architect, University of Minnesota

Beth Singer

Director of IT Compliance, CHS Inc.

Adi Sitnica

Security Leader,Optum

Shane Stailey

Organizational Cybersecurity Development & Training Strategist, Idaho National Laboratory

Ben Stock

Director of Healthcare Product Management

Julie Talbot-Hubbard

SVP, GM - Cyber Protection and Identity, Optiv

Rohit Tandon

CISO, State of Minnesota

Jeremy Treadwell

COO, Treadwell Agency

Shayla Treadwell

Cybersecurity Executive, ECS

John Valente

Security Consultant, Emeritus

Lee Ann Villella

Security Consultant, Proofpoint

Ong Wang

Principal Security Analyst, Medtronic

Cody Wass

Vice President of Services, NetSPI

Teri Williams

Brigadier General, Vice Director of Operations (CYBER), National Guard Bureau

Lyle Wright

Associate State Director, Minnesota Small Business Development Center

Karissa Zamora

Intelligence Officer, Department of Homeland Security

Lenny Zeltser

CISO, Axonius